buy our cdThe Our Dixie Wrecked E.P. is On Sale Now!!!

That's right folks.  The moment you've all been waiting for.  The newest of the new from the world's second greatest band, The Impact Players.  Recorded over the course of 2005, the Dixie E.P. showcases the lyrical talent of  Randy and Nate in a way only  before witnessed in the basement of Randy's parents house.  Featuring five brand new original compositions (including the single "The Freshness"), and two bonus tracks:  "Two Kay Four" and the live show favorite "Booty Shake."   Click here to order now!!!

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Upcoming Shows:

3/16 - Tex Mex Connection - North Wales, Pa.

Kildare's Irish Pub Open Mic - hosted by the Impact Players - every Tuesday night. Or it may be Monday now. We don't really know anymore. Ain't like they'll call us to let us know.

And Coming Soon:

5/27 - Tex Mex Connection - North Wales, Pa.

For an up-to-date schedule, be sure to check out our MySpace page.

Don't forget to catch Randy honing his frontman skills in Lost in Paris.  Check the LIP website for upcoming gigs.


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