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NON-COMM 2024 Recap

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the 2024 NON-COMMvention for the first time as a participant as opposed to just a listener.  For those of you unfamiliar, the NON-COMMvention is the annual...

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Distracted Music Lover Syndrome

The following is an excerpt from episode two of Season Five of the Y!TMJ Podcast with my guest, Matt Pond. It’s a brief look into current process of engaging with music. – Nate So, this...

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Making Nice With the Girls of Spice

The following is an excerpt from the season premiere of Season Five of the Y!TMJ Podcast with my guest, Charlie Harding. It tells the story of how I came to stop worrying and love Pop...

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Runkel Schmunkel

My Dad loved Harry Nilsson. More specifically, my Dad loved the album Nilsson Schmilsson. It was one of his favorite albums, a trait that has been passed down from father to son as it is...

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Joe Exotic – King of the Quarantine

COVID-19 sounds like the name of a local hardcore band. Like, I feel like if I were to say to you, “Yo, you remember Daryl from Broke Finger Nightly? Well, him and the drummer from...

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Robyn, the Saddest Girl to Ever Hold a Martini

You’ve suspected it for awhile. Since he stopped calling. Since the every night late night text became the weekend late night text, became sporadic late night text, became the non-existent late night text. You’ve suspected...

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