Yo! That's My Jawn: The Podcast
with Nate Runkel

Displace the Guilt. Embrace the Pleasure.

Yo! That’s My Jawn is the podcast/website/brand/movement/way of life dedicated to the embrace and championing of your passions. Join host Nate Runkel as he speaks to creatives about the obsessions that they have dedicated their lives to.

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Latest Episode

Season Five kicks off with a chat about pop music and more with Charline Harding of the podcast, Switched On Pop!!

Recent Episodes

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se4ep29 - December 4, 2023

Word On the Streets Is...

"Great Podcast! This is like a stroll down memory lane with some of your guests (looking at you, Kevin Allison, David Wain, and Ken Marino). Nice mix of local & national acts- always makes me look forward to the next episode & what new music I’ll fall into because of it."
"Great podcast from a better dude. This podcast is wonderful. The guests that you get on are phenomenal. Super stoked for you Nate and wish you the best. You are one of the most Stellar guys I know. I proudly wear my merit badge on my disc golf bag. ( told you I would fill out the comment card)"
Dave Mac84
"Great podcast and host. Nate is a wonderful host. Knowledgeable and thoughtful with his guests, insightful and funny. Nice to have a little flavor in my podcast queue."
jerry arboretum

Meet Your Host

Nate Runkel is a singer/songwriter/podcaster/author/DJ/all-around-good guy who hails from the suburbs of Philadelphia. In a former life, he was the creator of the popular satire website, Cartoon Girls I Wanna Nail, which was featured in Complex magazine, the Washington Post and Maureen Dowd’s 2005 book, Are Men Necessary? Nate has performed in the bands the Swinging Cannons, the Impact Players & solo under the moniker nate.3.0.


Nate Runkel

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