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Yo! That’s My Guests: Music From the Guests of the Yo! That’s My Jawn Podcast

Throughout the many episodes of the podcast, I have been blessed to chat with so many incredibly talented artists and musicians. And due to the show being hosted by a company that will 100% know if I include copyrighted material in the broadcast, I’ve been unable to share their art with the masses in the ways I’d like to. But then I realized, oh… right. I own a website. So, I have compiled this Spotify playlist of former guests of the show. Two songs per guest that are (to borrow a phrase) “my jawns.”

One of my favorite things about this playlist is the wide range of styles and influences that appear throughout. From jazz to rock to hip hop, from emo to prog. From soft to loud, and young to old. Debut releases to 20+ year careers. And both the charismatic people who rock the front of the stage, and the craftsmen who lay it down behind them. It truly reflects my eclectic tastes, the things that excite me. And folks… this playlist excites me!

I hope you give it a listen, and I hope it brings you as much joy as it does me. I feel like an incredibly lucky dude to have been able to host these folks in conversation over the past few years. And this playlist will remain perpetual and updated indefinitely. So, Like it… bookmark it…. do what you gotta do…. but most importantly, listen to it and ENJOY IT!!

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