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Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 5.7 – Paul Myers

Nate opens up the show discussing re-evaluating his relationship with music before sitting down for a chat with Paul Myers. They bond over their shared use of Garage Band before talking about Paul’s journey from music to writing, The Paul and John, Flam!, the Gravelberrys, Power Pop, Paul’s book A Wizard a True Star: Todd Rundgren in the studio, John Oates, The Monkees, his De La Soul interview, the Record Store Day podcast and the Record Store Day organization, Taylor Swift’s involvement in RSD, RSDmrkt.com, Bowl of Globes, the upcoming RSD releases they are excited for, and a story that involves G. Love, OJ Simpson and Conan O’Brien. Then Paul takes a crack at the Jawntlet and reveals how the origin of one of the questions is taken from his life!

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