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Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 5.9 – Ciara Grace

An All New Episode! Nate kicks things off by premiering the new theme song in full before sitting down with singer/songwriter Ciara Grace. The talk about living in the same suburbs and graduating from the same high school, growing up in a musical household, how writing songs about a break up birthed her new album, Write It Down, coproducing the album with her father, 2x GRAMMY® Award-winning producer/engineer Glenn Barratt (Melody Gardot, Shirley Ceasar), having the performance bug at an early age, finding her voice as a musician and deciding to create an album, playing these songs live, her songs “Play Pretend” and “Don’t Love Me Now,” the album release plan, her early influences, horses, Facebook Marketplace, her next EP, how working on the album has influenced her songwriting, and juggling a music career while going to college. Then, Ciara tries on the Jawntlet!

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