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Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 3.18 – Andy Hurwitz

Nate is back with an all new episode and fights through a damaged voice to interview Andy Hurwitz (3:53)! And and Nate talk about growing up, his father’s music room, meeting Jonathan Shecter & becoming obsessed with hip hop, going to law school and realizing he could work as a music lawyer, finding a mentor in Brad Rubens, working with Pearl Jam in their battle with Ticketmaster, how Eddie Vedder gave him the idea to leave law and solely work in music, the Big Valentine’s Day Pitch and getting hired at the Knitting Factory, releasing DJ Logic’s album and starting Ropeadope Records, King Britt and the Sister Gertrude Morgan Experience, the Ropeadope ethos, the ever changing ways we consume music, Napster, the origins of 30 Amp Circuit, the revitalized Philly Scene, the virtual Love From Philly livestream during COVID lockdown, G. Love creating a theme song for the fest, the upcoming Love From Philly live fest, Schoolly D., and Questlove. All before going through the Jawntlet!!

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Love From Philly website

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