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Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 3.20 – Eliot Greene

Happy Fourth of July! In this episode, Nate talks about cookouts and fireworks (2:40) before sharing his thoughts on Web3 (4:53). Nate is then joined by Eliot Greene of the Visible Project (7:14). They talk about the importance of community, growing up in Boston, Eliot’s parents, wanting to be a newscaster, living in Bejing at the age of 16, his high school championship Squash team, going to Brown University, interning for Joe Kennedy, moving to New York and becoming a consultant, working for Christie’s Auction House, the legitimacy of Web3, getting a job in ICM’s film and TV literature department, ICM Sports, ICM’s interest in NFTs, starting Habitat Labs, working with Spike Lee on the Visible Project, the soft launch and the Gary Vee interview, building out the community, and the Visible Project’s mission and road map. Then, Eliot enters the Jawntlet!

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