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Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 4.15 – Dylyn Durante (UgLi)

Back with an all new episode, Nate sets things off talking about the upcoming Sweet Juice Fest before being joined in conversation by Dylyn Durante (UgLi). They talk about UgLi’s latest Key Session performance for WXPN, growing up, learning guitar, the DIY shows at Club Germ, meeting Teddy Paullin and forming UgLi, panic attacks, recording the first EP, using upper and lower case and punctuations in titles, the challenges of titling your album FUCK, language, recording at the Gradwell House and working with Dave Downham, playing the songs from the new EP live, favorite songs on the new release, being vulnerable on stage, the safety of bringing new material to the band, reactions to the EP, and tour plans. Then, Dylyn becomes the latest guest to swing through The Jawntlet.

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