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Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 5.2 – Matt Pond

In an all new episode, Nate gives a quick recap of the Super Bowl (Taylor’s Version) and lays out his process for engaging with albums in a streaming world before sitting down to chat with Matt Pond. They talk about happy accidents and how a mixup of John Waite and Tom Waits set Matt on course in music, sticking with an album, streaming, learning to play music, the move to Philly, the Philly Scene, abandoning and returning to the name Matt Pond PA, collaborating with Alexa Rose, how they chose the songs for the Call and Response EP, “Bittersweet Symphony,” his friendship with Nikki Glaser, living in the now, the tour, music videos, being a prolific songwriter, the music video for “Fairlee,” the “Imagine Everything” video and learning how to have fun making music videos. Then Matt takes his turn at The Jawntlet!

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