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Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 5.3 – Dee Gerhart & James Daniels (Chestnut Grove)

Back with a new episode, Nate talks about his new radio show on Y-Not Radio (Mondays 5-8pm) and gives a brief walk down memory lane of the Philly radio stations that helped form his music sensibilities. He is then joined by Dee Gerhart and James Daniels of the band Chestnut Grove. The conversation kicks off with Dee and Nate talking about Green Lane, the music she grew up with, Live Day 2010 and the formation of Chestnut Grove, her White Stripes tribute to Icky Thump, and the Raconteurs. James pops in and discusses the early Chestnut Grove shows, writing original songs and finding their sound, recording their first album, Perkiomenville, documenting through videos, the reasons behind their current hiatus from touring, the financial realities of being a band in today’s landscape, The Album and boygenius, working with Derek Chafin, their Farewell Show at Ardmore Music Hall, feeling comfortable on stage, the radio push, the jumpsuits and the Literally Nuts podcast. Finally, Dee & James double team The Jawntlet!

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