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Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 5.4 – Craig Wedren

In this episode, Nate delights in the latest dance album trend and invokes the spirit of Ren McCormack before sitting down for a chat with Craig Wedren. They talk about the Middle Aged Dad Jam Band, heart health, Craig’s heart attack in 2018, the pandemic, growing up in Cleveland, how his core friend group has survived throughout the years personally and creatively, introducing new people into the fold, rediscovering the joy of playing music versus “the work,” being on a major label, transitioning to writing for television and film, being afforded to explore different styles of music, working with Anna Waronker, creating the soundtrack for Jesse Peretz‘s film First Love, Last Rites, working with John Doe and Jeff Buckley, the new album The Dream Dreaming and working with Paul Cartwright. Then Craig takes his chances with The Jawntlet!

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