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Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 3.11 – Don McCloskey

In this episode, Nate starts things off with another missive expressing his gratitude (2:41) before having an incredibly enjoyable conversation with singer/songwriter, Don McCloskey (4:23). They kick off the conversation talking about Don’s 2009 Philadelphia Phillies anthem, “Unstoppable,” before getting into Don’s early years growing up surrounded by music, Philly radio in the 90s, getting started writing music, playing house parties before graduating to solo acoustic shows in New York, his first album, Bombs Over Bristol, playing with Chuck Treece, getting connected with G. Love, working as a PA and contributing music to the movie Bowling For Columbine, working on his album Corporal Spirits and finding his voice, the genesis of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia live performances of the Nightman Cometh, Don’s friendship with Rob McElhenney, the placement of his song “First in Flight” in the season two finale of Mythic Quest, recording The Chaos and the Beauty, working through the pandemic and his residency at Fergie’s Pub. All before sitting down to enter The Jawntlet (59:23).

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