Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 3.10 – Matt Lowell (Lo Moon)


Happy Valentine’s Day! Join Nate as he recaps his favorite ride from his trip to Disney (2:36) before performing a cover of “Valentine’s Day Is Over” by Billy Bragg (4:22). Nate is then joined by Matt Lowell of the band, Lo Moon (9:08). The two start off by bonding over an admiration of 88.5 WXPN before delving into Matt’s early exposure to music, playing drums before switching to guitar, writing his first song about Sept. 11th and performing it at school, going to Berklee, MySpace and the Internet, meeting Crisanta and forming Lo Moon, the new album A Modern Life, how the pandemic has affected creativity and not playing a live show in almost 3 years. Then, Matt enters the Jawntlet (51:19).

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