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Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 3.14 – Lia Menaker

New episode! Nate celebrates a jam packed New Release Friday (2:34) and tells the tale of the rare moment in 8th grade when he was cool (5:43). Then, Nate chats with musician Lia Menaker (10:28). The two discuss growing up with an interest in musical theater, learning and playing piano, her early songwriting, writing and recording the album Animal Behavior, touring the US, life on the road, learning to use Ableton and finding her sound, creating the I Am Kyrøs EP on Twitch, the Pandemic and streaming, building a community, collaboration, working with JClay on “I Can’t Do This Without You,” music videos, releasing singles vs. albums, crafting her live show, writing “Christmas Alone (But Together At Home),” “Noirtronica,” teaching vocal lessons, and her Patreon community. All before entering The Jawntlet!

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