Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 3.15 – David Jamison


Nate opens up the show, recapping his 2022 Record Store Day haul from the weekend (2:34), before sitting down to chat with composer/producer/bassist/percussionist David Jamison (6:17). The two talk about his song “Spanish Jawn,” the overuse and abuse of the word Jawn, growing up, WDAS and WJJZ, learning to play drums, playing throughout high school and college, getting his doctorate in biomedical engineering, getting back into music, teaching himself the bass, beginning to compose music, creating his first song, “Kelly Drive,” playing open mics, finding Time and the intimidation of playing the first few times out, the Heat Check EP, the process of writing jazz instrumentals, pandemic life, his first full length release, Enjoy the Journey, getting recognized by WXPN, donating proceeds to the BLAC Project, playing out live, the new album Late Bloomer, recording with a full band, allowing the bassline to dictate the direction of the song, “Rap Snacks” and a perfectly executed “Ew, David,” the meaning and levels behind “She Don’t Love Me,” the surprises of making music in the moment, and his upcoming show at the Royal in Glenside. Then, as we do, David enters the Jawntlet.

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