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Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 3.16 – G. Love

A very special episode of Yo! That’s My Jawn!! Nate talks about the importance of having G. Love on the podcast, the first of three of his day one stretch goal guests (that also includes John Oates and ?uestlove) (3:54). He then shares a rough demo of his song, “B.L.T.” (5:58) before sitting down to chat with G. Love (10:48). Nate and G. talk about bridging hip hop and rock, Beck, creating a new lane into hip hop, early tours with hip hop acts and finding his fanbase, growing up in inner city Philadelphia, discovering his mother’s record collection, Philly in the 80s, coming up with the Roots, the legacy of South Street, “Slipped Away,” Cool C, Steady B and the murder of Officer Lauretha Vaird, how the pandemic spawned his new album, Philadelphia Mississippi, the first single, “Love From Philly” and the music video by Blazed Ape Smokers Club, the NFT/Blockchain community, getting into cryptocurrency, creating and releasing the Juice Gang NFTs, the upcoming Philadelphia Mississippi NFT drop with Yellowheart, and the Juice Gang Discord community. G. Love then settles in to partake in the Jawntlet.

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