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Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 3.22 – Phantasm

Nate is joined by Steven Rosplock, Jay Yachetta and Aaron White of the band Phantasm for an epic chat (4:05). The guys discuss the “Spirit Box” video, moving to Philadelphia, forming the band in college, growing up, being a trio, crafting their sound, coming into the Philly scene, their live sound vs recording, building a following in Philly, pivoting towards writing in the studio, the Pandemic, writing lyrics, Dad side projects, the new album Shadow Work, playing live post-pandemic, playing their first show at JC Dobbs following the tragic shooting on South Street, spirit boxes, and shooting the “Spirit Box (Tuned to You)” music video. The trio then sit down to enter The Jawntlet (55:24)!

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