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Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 3.23 – The Tisburys

We’re back with an all new episode of the NUMBER TWO MUSIC INTERVIEW PODCAST ON GOODPODS! Join Nate as he sits down with Tyler Asay, John Domenico, Doug Keller, and Jason McGovern of The Tisburys. They talk about growing up, learning to play and the first songs they could perform, the Pictures of Fireworks EP, “Shattered,” the pandemic and their productivity, the new album Exile on Main Street, getting tapped to perform at the XPoNential Music Festival, all of the other projects the gang works with (including Riverby, The Describers and Duke Maroon), Philly Sings Philly, the origins of the band’s name, solidifying the lineup, finding a name and theme for Exile, playing the new songs live, the “Garden” music video, and playing WXPN’s Free At Noon concert series. All, of course, before entering The Jawntlet!

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