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Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 3.29 – Marc Schuster

An all new episode! Nate starts off talking about the two shows he saw since the last episode; The Take Today/Bacchae/Catbite show at the First Unitarian Church, and the Tribe of Names album release show for their new record, Evolver, at the Royal in Glenside. Nate is then joined by musician, author, professor, radio host, and champion of Indie Music, Marc Schuster. They talking about becoming acquainted, Marc’s book Tired of California: The Beach Boys’ Holland Revisited, the Beach Boys, growing up, #Tweetcore, discovering Indie artists, making music at home independently, meeting Brian Lambert and creating The Star Crumbles, the music from his childhood, the Beatles and the White Album, learning to play music, playing out in college, his interest in production, his songwriting process, discovering Garageband, his dissertation Don DeLillo, Jean Baudrillard, and the Consumer Conundrum, managing so many creative roles, how remote teaching has afforded him time to focus on music, writing and how he found it was making him miserable, finding the drive to write Tired of California and his children’s book, Frankie Lumlit’s Janky Drumkit, Tranzor-Z, the Zapatero concept album, Thank You For Holding, The #Tweetcore Radio Hour, finding and promoting a scene, and playlists and the end of genre. Then, Marc enters The Jawntlet!

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Marc’s blog, Abominations
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