Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 3.30 – Kristen Kurtis


Nate is back after a Thanksgiving break to report on embarrassing himself in front of Melissa Villasenor before talking about how important WXPN and independent non-commercial radio is to indie music. Then, Nate is joined by XPN Morning Show host Kristen Kurtis! They talk about how her love of Y100 led to a radio career that took her around the country but brought her back home to Philadelphia, music in her household when she was growing up, singing in high school with the Chester County Voices Abroad, returning to taking singing lessons, being a part of the new class at WXPN and taking over the Morning Show, walking the line os servicing such a diverse listening community, discovering and breaking artists and watching them grow, Bartees Strange, new artists who haven’t made their way to the rotation yet that she hopes to see more from ( Aiofe Nessa Frances | Jaywood | MILO ), how The Artist’s Way led her to stand up and improv, XPN’s 90’s A to Z, the disruption of genre, the resurgence of the 90’s sound, gatekeeping, and Star Wars. Then Kristen enters The Jawntlet!

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