Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 3.9 – Spymob (Eric Fawcett, Brent Paschke, Christian Twigg)


Get ready for an epic episode! Nate kick things off by giving a bit of the history behind the birth of the Yo! That’s My Jawn project as a whole and how this episode is the full culmination of that vision (3:21). Then he sits down with Eric Fawcett, Brent Paschke, and Christian Twigg of the band Spymob (6:00). They discuss the early days of Spymob, getting signed and dropped by Epic/Sony, Christian joining the band, the evolution of the songs that would become Sitting Around Keeping Score, meeting Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo and signing to Star Trak, recording the live backing tracks of “In Search Of…”, Mark Ronson’s FADER podcast, forming the N*E*R*D live show, touring and opening for N*E*R*D, the genius of Pharrell, being ahead of the curve, L.A. Reid’s decision to drop them from Arista, releasing the album through Ruthless Records, and the more recent rerelease, all before entering The Jawntlet!!

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