Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 4.1 – Andorra (Kevin McCall & Jordan Petrellis)


New Year, new season!! Nate is back with a hope for power and positivity for the new year… aka Twenty Twenty Me!! Then Nate sits down with Kevin McCall and Jordan Petrellis of Andorra. They talk about how Kevin and Jordan met, starting the band, growing up, MySpace, writing original music in the early days of the band, Marcy’s Playground’s “Sex & Candy,” the songwriting process, early shows in the suburbs, going away to college and keeping the band together, solidifying the lineup, translating the new songs for a live setting, Kevin’s relationship with the Grape Room and how the venue helped them to craft the new album over the pandemic, influences on the new album, possible tour plans, music video concepts, what’s on the horizon in terms of new music, keeping the album tight and what the reactions have been to the new material. Then, Kevin and Jordan enter the Jawntlet!

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