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Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 4.2 – Laura Lizcano

Another week, another episode. Nate gives a programming update for the next few weeks of episodes before recapping the G. Love/Donavon Frankenreiter show at the TLA. He is then joined for an incredible conversation by singer-songwriter Laura Lizcano. They start off talking about her 2020 song “Overworked & Underpaid” before getting into her childhood, moving from Colombia to PA, her first band Strawberry Underground, the move to Philly and going to Temple, finding jazz, Norah Jones & Regina Spektor, representation, graduating and wanting to find validation as an artist, the Chance on Me EP, putting together the core of her band, her writing process, the ukulele, her latest album Daughter of the Sea, writing over the pandemic and finding the album, working with Erin Busch and the Daedalus Quartet, singing in her native language of Spanish, how the novel Delirio by Laura Restrepo inspired the song “Caos,” the Bowie inspired “Major Tom,” her collaborations with the Almanac Dance Circus Theatre, showing vulnerability live on stage, “Quiet Love” and loving yourself, and the reaction to the album. Then Laura enters the Jawntlet.

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