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Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 4.19 – Adam Weiner (Low Cut Connie)

Nate makes a plea to end seasonal flavors before sitting down for a chat with Adam Weiner of the band Low Cut Connie. They discuss growing up in New Jersey, showtunes and writing musicals, learning to play the piano, who influenced his playing style, how teaching helped him to become a better writer, writing in secret and performing on stage, stage fright, his growth as a performer, producing records and finding the Low Cut Connie sound, how Tough Cookies unlocked something in him, the upcoming return of the Connie Club radio show, interest in him hosting a show after the success of Tough Cookies, his Michael Nesmith interview, the Monkees, ART DEALERS, the video for KING OF THE JEWS, embracing his cultural heritage post pandemic, spirituality or the lack thereof, and the ART DEALERS film. Then, Adam makes his way through The Jawntlet!

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