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Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 4.20 – Greg Sover

Back from vacation and recharged with an all new episode! Nate shares the programing announcement that the release schedule is switching to a weekly format through October before sitting down to talk to singer/songwriter/guitar slinger, Greg Sover. Greg talks about his early years growing up with music, Hendrix, getting his first guitar at the age of 5, having a son, playing bass in the church band, getting tapped to play in Joe Frazier’s band, his guitar influences, early days of playing out in Philly and the venues he came up in, finding his guitar tone, playing a strat, working with Billy Cox, being inspired by influences without letting it become mimicry, working in the studio, the Parade EP, his latest album HIS-Story and starting to work on his fifth album. Then, Greg becomes the latest guest to enter The Jawntlet!

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