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Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 4.21 – Julia Pratt

What’s up? Nate is back with another episode and kicks things off recapping the 2023 Xponential Music Festival presented by Subaru. Then, Nate sits down to chat with singer/songwriter Julia Pratt. They talk about growing up in Philadelphia, learning to play piano, cello and saxophone, adding guitar, combining her love of poetry and music, playing original songs out, the jazz influence in her music, college, exiting high school into the uncertain world of the pandemic, contributing to the SNEAKERELLA soundtrack, the placement of “All the Girls Are Crazy” on the WHERE’S ROSE? soundtrack, writing during the pandemic, singles/EPs vs albums, rejecting “strategy” and embracing passion, Mt. Joy and the “Dirty Love” TikTok, “A Little Love,” performing at the Mt. Joy Mann Center shows, opening for Hozier, Xponential Music Festival, the Philly Music Fest and upcoming projects. Then, Julia gracefully enters the Jawntlet!

Julia Pratt website
Julia Pratt TikTok
Julia Pratt YouTube
Julia Pratt Instagram
Julia Pratt on the 25 O’Clock podcast
Tickets for the Philly Music Fest (10.11)

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