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Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 4.23 – Frank Brown (Buzz Zeemer)

Nate gives a brief recap of the Philly Music Fest shows that he attended this week and then sits down for a chat with Frank Brown (Flight of Mavis/Buzz Zeemer). They discuss growing up, Frank’s first band, the Ramones, his first attempts at writing songs, Flight of Mavis, the REM rumor, Record Cellar, Neil Drucker & Pat Feeny, the Philly Scene in the 80s, opening for Uncle Tupelo, Sinead O’Connor, ending up on the soundtrack to the Olsen Twins film When In Rome, the birth of Buzz Zeemer and bringing in Tommy Conwell, writing for Buzz Zeemer vs writing from Flight of Mavis, Live From the TLA, Lost & Found, the end of Buzz Zeemer, Travel Lanes, releasing On at the start of the pandemic, enjoying his past, revisiting the unreleased material and the decision to release it, two year bursts, high points of the career, Studio vs Live, revisiting the past and the reactions to the project. Then, Frank takes a seat in the Jawntlet!

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