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Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 4.4 – Katie Feeney (Roberta Faceplant)

Kicking off an all new episode, Nate give an announcement about an upcoming performance for the RISK! live show in the Lower East Side at Caveat before sitting down with Katie Feeney (You Do You, Roberta Faceplant). They talk about growing up in Erie, musical theater, being a creative kid and the lost confidence of youth, home recorded radio shows, going to Penn State, moving to Philadelphia and getting back into music her work with non-profits, Rock to the Future, the pandemic and other obstacles, meeting her husband Drew and forming You Do You, the origins of Roberta Faceplant, writing country songs, her song “Everything is Trash”, her new releases, the upcoming single, “Keep Talkin'”, the Tom Petty cover “Two Gunslingers”, the motivation to release three singles vs. releasing an EP, and hosting open mics. Then, Katie enters the Jawntlet.

(photo credit: Lisa Schaffer Photography)

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