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Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 4.5 – Kevin Allison

An unexpected new episode! Join Nate for a conversation with Kevin Allison (RISK!, The State). They discuss the State, the Dreamboy sketch, the music used on the show, the season two promo “More Miserable Crap,” the origins of Barry and Levon, the child-like energy of the State, Paramount’s interest in the possibility of a State reunion/revival, how the brevity of their sketches lends itself to a TikTok/Reels culture, segues (and lack there of), being a theatrical child, realizing at an early age that he was gay, being funny as a way to own being “weird,” being obsessed with records and music, joining choir and visiting NYC for the first time, wanting to make the move to New York, going to see the King & I with Sarah Jessica Parker, going to St. Xavier High School, enrolling in NYU, going form stalking Joe Lo Truglio to joining the New Group, his “audition” for the group, the pivot to storytelling and creating RISK!, “Check In” with the State, how Michael Ian Black encouraged him to be himself on stage, the “Lost Decade,” being invited to perform on Margot Leitman & Giulia Rozzi‘s storytelling show at UCB, starting RISK! as a podcast, teaching himself storytelling and learning through teaching, the wide spectrum of stories told on RISK!, how storytelling can reveal things about yourself, the upcoming RISK! show in Philly on 3/2, radio shows vs. live shows, and the idea of trying backyard campfire recordings. All that before Kevin takes a swing at the Jawntlet!

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