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Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 4.9 – E.J. Simpson

We’re back! Join us for an all new episode as Nate recaps his trip to New Orleans before being joined by Singer/Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist, E.J. Simpson. They talk about E.J.’s early musical memories, the Monkees, the Beatles, learning to play music, finding and being drawn to the bass guitar, the balalaika, his Modulus Graphite bass, his first band the Vegetables and early collaborations with Adrian Harpham, Pierce Ternay, David Coppa, Steve Wolf & Andy Kravitz, early songwriting, moving to San Francisco, coming back to Philadelphia to for the first session that would become The Goats, the recent attempted reunion of the Goats, working with the Butcher Bros. (Joe and Phil Nicolo), the Goats/Bad Brains sessions, Ruffhouse Records, Maggi, Pierce & E.J., befriending Jeff Buckley, the MPE album For-Blue, the new album You Purple Virgin Presents Fabulous Fantasy, the record release show at the Fallser Club, the 17th Annual solo revival of Jesus Christ Superstar, playing with Beru Revue, the players on the new album, working with a large number of collaborators, and the Mark Twain project based on The War Prayer. Then, E.J. takes a run at The Jawntlet!

E.J. Simpson’s website
Maggi, Pierce & E.J.’s website
Tickets for the record release show @ the Fallser Club (5/5)
Tickets for the 17th Annual solo revival of Jesus Christ Superstar @ Old Swedes’ Church (4/21)

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