Yo! That’s My Jawn: The Podcast – Ep. 4.10 – Andrew Duhon


New week, new episode! Nate kicks things off with an update on the release schedule before sitting down to talk to singer/songwriter, Andrew Duhon. The two talk about the word jawn, the Castle on Irish Bayou, growing up in New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina and the phenomena of bonded community, Wednesdays at the Square, his mother’s sheet music for the music from Dances With Wolves, piano lessons, the first song he learned to play, finding something to say, his early days playing out, connecting with the audience, sad songs and the cost of a good song, finding his voice, the story behind recording Songs I Wrote Before I Knew You, his collaboration with Trina Shoemaker, working with Eric Massey, working in the studio vs. performing live, his latest release Emerald Blue, the Pandemic, the audience reaction to the new songs live, and the relationship between artist and audience. Then, Andrew braves The Jawntlet!

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Andrew Duhon @ the Sellersville Theater (5/7)

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